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Student Trustee 2 - Important Studies

Important Studies

The TDSB has a research department that periodically releases studies related to student success. While public, the results from these studies have a limited distribution and that often limited to senior staff in the Board. It is therefore my pleasure to share these studies with my constituents. Only then can we begin a constructive dialogue on how to best equip students for success.

A comprehensive database of TDSB research studies can be found at

Please note that Adobe PDF is required to view the following documents.

Grade 9 Credit Accumulation by Race and Leadership Skill Sets by Race:

This graph shows the disparity between students who are academically successful (those who are able to achieve 7 or more credits by the end of ninth grade) and those who self identify themselves as having good or excellent leadership (communication, problem-solving, interpersonal) skills. Interestingly enough, the second and third graphs are almost direct opposites. This shows that those who are academically successful are not necessary the ones who have valuable life skills that are vital for success.

Understanding TDSB Students & Their Needs:

This graph presents the results of the 2006 Student Census of Grade 7-12 TDSB students. Findings from this Census plus the 2008 Parent Census (JK-Grade 6) were extracted to produce this 20-minute PowerPoint presentation, which has been shared publicly to different groups both internally and externally - e.g., Student Success PD workshops, Model Schools for Inner Cities initiatives, Equity PD workshops, Parent Conferences, Nursing and Social Worker Student Placement Orientation Workshops, as well as to different visiting educator groups from Europe (Sweden, Germany, and England), etc.

An Examination of TDSB Post-secondary Patterns: 17 Year Old Students, 2007:

This report looks at the post-secondary applications of 17 year olds in Grade 9 in the 2007 applications cycle. It looks at who confirmed an offer of admission from Ontario universities and community colleges; who applied but did not confirm an offer of admission; and who did not apply to post-secondary in 2007. It examines demographic information, including data from the 2006 Student Census Gr. 7-12 System Overview.

2006 Student Census: Correlations of School Experience with Student Demographics and Achievement:

Using data from the TDSB 2006 Student Census and the 2006-2007 student achievement, this report examines TDSB’s Grade 7-8 and Grade 9-12 students’ school experiences by their demographic backgrounds, and the correlations of their school experiences with academic achievement.