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Brookview Middle School Black Students Success and Excellence (BSSE) Initiative

Tuesday, May 10, 2022
Categories: Equity

Brookview Middle School has been focusing on counteracting deficit narratives around Black students' success and excellence, reimagining how to structure programming and instruction in learning spaces, with students at the center of the curriculum. In collaboration with two Grade 8 Teachers (Joe Eiyah, Carolyn Williams), K to 12 Learning Coach (Shayle Graham) and the Brookview Equity Leadership Team, Grade 8 students are combating hate with an intentional focus on promoting the joy and genius of Black people and their communities. Student facilitators have taken on a leadership role as co-planners and co-teachers to provide culturally relevant and responsive programming for the students at Brookview, in ways that positively affirm their identities, set conditions for allyship and encourage student authorship and ownership of their stories.

Brookview School-wide BSSE Inquiry: What happens when we equip teachers with rich resources and equip Black students with an in-depth understanding of intersectionality of identities, cultural legacies and historical influences that positively affirm who they are, in ways that promote Black Joy as a device to challenge anti-Black racist ideologies (Individually, Interpersonally, and Institutionally).

Brookview Grade 8 Team Inquiry: What happens to the participation, engagement and achievement of the Black students in Grade 8 at Brookview when we program in ways that centre their interests and promote student voice?

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