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June 30 2022

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June 30, 2022


Dear Parents/Guardians and Students:

Welcome to TDSB Connects, an update on news and events from across the Toronto District School Board.

Celebrating Learning – Every day, lots is happening across the Board to support student learning and engagement. Read more about the goIT challenge where students who pitched app ideas to make the world a better place and students who excelled with Project SEARCH.

2022-23 Operating Budget - At the Board meeting on June 29, TDSB Trustees approved the 2022-23 operating budget. The $3.4 billion budget includes investments in a number of key areas, including mental health supports, early reading coaches, additional ESL teachers, student safety, resources to combat hate and racism, and technology for students.

Mental Health and Well-Being – Our Summer Well-Being Guide – an easy-to-use guide for students, parents and guardians that have identity affirming, culturally responsive, FUN activities and programming for children during the summer – is now available online and in a number of languages!

Centre of Excellence for Black Student Achievement – The Centre of Excellence for Black Student Achievement hosted its grand opening on June 13. To view the recording and to learn more, please visit

Phased-in Start for Student Transportation – The TSTG will once again be implementing a phased-in start for student transportation next year to provide a more consistent service for families and to ensure that students with special education needs are prioritized. From September 7-9, student transportation will only be provided for students with special education needs (excluding those in the gifted program), students at Kapapamahchakwew – Wandering Spirit School, and students at relocation schools. Starting September 12, all eligible students will be provided with student transportation. All parents/guardians with children who take the bus to school are encouraged to sign up for the Student Transportation Parent Portal to access important information and updates.

New Family and Caregiver Early Literacy Website - Families and caregivers are encouraged to visit the Early Literacy family and caregiver website to learn more about the vision of early reading in the TDSB and how to continue to explore early literacy at home.  

Months of Recognition – In June, we recognized National Indigenous History Month, Italian Heritage Month, Portuguese-Speaking Heritage Month and Pride Month.

Free Adult, Summer Classes to Upgrade Essential Skills - Community Services’ Essential Skills Upgrading (ESU) program is offering a 4-week in-person/virtual summer school to support adults’ upgrading of their reading, writing and numeracy skills. Learn more at

Enhanced Language Training for Newcomers to Canada - Internationally educated, trained or experienced professionals new to Canada can sign up for Community Services’ free Enhanced Language Training (ELT). Receive career-specific instruction and the opportunity to gain Canadian work experience through ELT. Sign up at

TDSB Backpacks and School Supplies Drive - Backpacks and school supplies can be expensive for some families, but you can help! Our Backpacks and School Supplies Drive is LIVE and 100% of proceeds support students in need. Donate today and help us ensure TDSB students get the most out of their school experience. 

TDSB Update – Sign-up for TDSB Update and stay informed about recent Board decisions and more district-wide news.


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