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Monarch Park Collegiate Institute

Monarch Park Collegiate Institute (GR. 09-12)

Health and Safety (H&S) workplace inspections are conducted every month in all of our 583 operating schools. Below you can find the H&S reports for your school, for the 2016-2017 school year.  More information and Frequently Asked Questions

Date InspectedLocation in SchoolHealth & Safety Issue ObservedClassAction Taken ByDate Action TakenDetails
09/30/16324fire exit route sign (yellow TDSB) - not posted / requires updatingBCaretaker10/03/16Details
09/30/16324exposed wiring/damaged cord/ground pin missingACaretaker10/03/16Details
09/30/16boiler roomeyewash station required or in need of repair (specify)ACaretaker10/03/16Details
10/04/16319equipment damaged or not securedBCaretaker01/09/17Details
10/04/16315portable ladder - damaged or not securely storedACaretaker10/20/16Details
10/04/16336extension cord/power bar - inappropriate use of extension cord/power bar (be specific)BCaretaker11/14/16Details
10/04/16309 & 349extension cord/power bar - inappropriate use of extension cord/power bar (be specific)BCaretaker10/20/16Details
10/04/16336equipment damaged or not securedBCaretaker01/09/17Details
10/04/16chiller roominspections not up to date (specify equipment)BCaretaker01/09/17Details
10/04/16pool filter roomSpills Response decal not affixed at entrance of pool filter room.ACaretaker10/17/16Details
10/04/16302, 308, 317fire exit route sign (yellow TDSB) - not posted / requires updatingBCaretaker10/05/16Details
11/07/16boiler roomleaking/pooling/ponding of water or liquid (be as specific as possible)ACaretaker11/14/16Details
11/07/16stairs from cafeteria to librarypaint flaking, chipping, possible lead exposureACaretaker11/14/16Details
11/07/16pool tunnelinappropriate storage of materials/furniture/shelving, or clutterBCaretaker01/09/17Details
01/29/17boiler roomACM - yellow asbestos bags present (incl. number of bags)A1Caretaker01/29/17Details
01/29/17equipment storage ventilation (specify)ACaretaker01/29/17Details
01/29/17306 chem prepfume hood - inspection is not up to dateBCaretaker05/03/17Details
01/30/17guidance offices 105furniture unsafe - requires repairACaretaker05/03/17Details
01/30/17102equipment damaged or not securedBCaretaker05/03/17Details
03/28/17room 118inappropriate storage of materials/furniture/shelving, or clutterBCaretaker05/03/17Details
03/28/17fan room 6guarding or shielding not in placeACaretaker05/03/17Details
03/28/17boiler roomeyewash station required or in need of repair (specify)ACaretaker05/03/17Details
03/28/17room 126ceiling damaged (specify)ACaretaker05/03/17Details
05/23/17207door not opening or closing properly (interior or exterior)ACaretaker05/31/17Details
05/23/17134ceiling tiles missingACaretaker05/31/17Details
05/23/17west gymtrip hazard (i.e. flooring, wiring, other materials)ACaretaker05/31/17Details
06/16/17217 & 220fire exit route sign (yellow TDSB) - not posted / requires updatingBCaretaker10/02/17Details
06/16/17science prep roomequipment damaged or not securedBCaretaker10/02/17Details
06/16/17218 & 222equipment damaged or not securedBCaretaker10/02/17Details
06/16/17boiler roomunable to inspect (specify why if possible)BCaretaker09/14/17Details
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