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The Waterfront School (GR. JK-08)

Health and Safety (H&S) workplace inspections are conducted every month in all of our 582 operating schools. Below you can find the H&S reports for your school, for the 2021-2022 school years.  More information and Frequently Asked Questions

Date Inspected05/31/22
Location in Schoolseminar 2
Health & Safety Issue Observedfurniture unsafe - requires repair
Health & Safety Issue DetailsSeminar Room 2/Wellness Rm appears on our maps to be inspected. There was a question concerning last year's inspection for May about which site this room belongs to. I'm not sure . . . we just go by the maps which tell us where to inspect. In the room are two shelving units that will need to be secured if they are to remain in the room. The Head Caretaker wondered if perhaps a Staff Member had recently moved the shelving units from another location and placed them into the Seminar 2 Rm. See photo
Corrective ActionCaretaker to take corrective action, repair or generate SAP Notification (record the number).
Corrective Action Takenwill remove the units
Action Taken ByCaretaker
Date Action Taken06/01/22