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Millwood Junior School

Our School Improvement Plan


1)  French Teachers will assess the alignment of the curriculum to ensure coverage occurs across the grades and continuity for parents and students.
2)  Identify students close to the provincial Standard and develop strategies to raise the level of achievement form mid-high Level 2 to Level 3.
3)  Establish best practices on Guided Reading program and teaching reading strategies for all students to use at home and at school
4)  Primary classes - focus on making inferences when reading
5)  Junior classes - focus on topic development when writing
6)  Social Studies Curriculum - Teach the 6 main concepts in the new Inquiry Based Social Studies Program, focusing on having the students make connections.


1)  Provide staff with PD according to identified individual needs,
2)  Staff will work with our Learning Coach to implement small group Guided Math instruction to support students with their conceptual understanding.  
3)  Focus on Mental Math strategies with Number Sense to develop better facility with mathematics. 


1)  Provide all students with opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities (clubs, house league and organized sport) from Grade 1-5.
2)  Provide all classes with specific music instruction by a dedicated music teacher.  
3)  Gr 5 teachers will fill out the transition and student support forms for our At Risk students and meet with Grade 6 teachers during the Transition Day in the Spring.

Community, Culture & Caring

1)  We will enhance or develop and implement projects and initiatives with  students, parents, community and/or business partners with the goal being meaningful engagement (eg: Public Health partnership) 
2)  Continue to expand current partnership initiatives - the Shrove Tuesday Pancake Breakfast in February, Jump Rope for Heart Event in the Spring, Silverthorn CI ( use of the auditorium).