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Millwood Junior School

Our School Improvement Plan


Literacy - In the primary grades, we are focusing on the Science of Reading approach to develop students’ understanding of word knowledge and use of guiding reading strategies to improve our junior students comprehension.


Numeracy - At Millwood JS, our goal is to increase student flexibility and efficiency with numbers, computations and problem solving. One of our initiatives at Millwood is the Thinking Classroom approach. It is a collaborative, critical thinking approach to problem solving.


Pathways - Develop our students’ learning skills to reflect on their personal strengths and work habits to reach their own individual potential and to learn to work with respect and kindness towards others.

Community, Culture & Caring

Community, Culture & Caring - To create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all students and staff by addressing inequalities, learning together to expand our understanding of bias, cultural diversity and identifying systemic barriers for our students.