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Beverley School

With respect, with acceptance, with encouragement, I can grow.

All students with exceptionalities have the right to reach their potential. All students with exceptionalities have the right to a safe, secure, and encouraging learning environment. A partnership between students, school and family  is essential to the success of all students with exceptionalities.
The school, renovated in 1985 then redesigned in 2006, is a space on one floor that is barrier free and allows for optimal independence and mobility for students.
The elementary program is for students who are 4 to 14 years old from various communities and are transported by bus to school.
The students and staff at Beverley School speak 15 different languages.
The accessible pool on-site is used by a variety of school and community groups.

Beverley is a public school that delivers educational services to those students with a developmental and or physical disability in the down town area. We follow an alternative curriculum that mirrors the Ontario Ministry of Education. The teachers all have certification in special education. There are educational assistants in each class to support the students in accessing educational programming. The school offers a wide range of activities geared to this population. The library books are categorized using Mayer Johnson picture symbols to allow for the student's independent use if possible. This year we have introduced a pre-vocational work experience program for the older students.