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Africentric Alternative School

Together we build, succeed and lead.

The Africentric Alternative School began operating in September 2009 in response to an initial community request for such a school in June 2007 to address a high dropout rate and achievement gap affecting students of African descent. TDSB initiated a consultation process with stakeholders. In January 2008, a report titled Improving Success For Black Students was presented to the Board of Trustees with a number of recommendations. Ultimately, the Board approved a recommendation to establish the Africentric Alternative School to open in September 2009 at Sheppard Public School. Since this time, the school has expanded to grade 8 as of September 2015 serves 120 students

The school has enjoyed a number of successes in a remarkably short period since its inception in September 2009. Almost 90 students enrolled for the school’s opening day in September 2009. By the end of the month, 130 students were enrolled. Enrolment currently stands at 120 students as of September 2015. Currently we serve students from K - 8 with a focus on high academic achievement and motivation to succeed. Full day kindergarten is available at the school and the program is in demand with two classes operating.