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Smithfield Middle School

 Motto: No goal is too high if we climb with care and confidence.

Smithfield Middle School is an inner-city school located in Rexdale, in the northwest corner of Toronto. Smithfield originated as a longhouse in 1845.  It was upgraded to brick in 1874 and was officially opened in 1966. Currently  we serve 650 learners who represent a very diverse and multi-ethnic population and speak approximately 30 different languages. We have a diverse, highly motivated and committed staff. Our inclusive curriculum reflects the diversity of our school community. Smithfield students take great pride in wearing their navy and white  uniforms.

We are committed to providing equitable access to programs and multiple learning paths, particularly through the application of differentiated learning strategies. Through the infusion of the arts (music, drama, dance, visual arts, family studies, computers, design and technology) into their core curriculum, all students are given optimal opportunities for practical and hands-on learning so they can become active participants in their own education.

Smithfield Middle School Photo