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This resource describes a wide range of activities that our schools undertake to make their EcoSchools program engaging and inspiring. Its richness will provide food for thought and ideas for action for years! Its 83 pages are full colour, crammed with photos and brief descriptions of the purpose and impact of each activity, plus tested implementation ideas. We think this is a must-see resource that can help you expand your vision and perhaps also help to bring EcoSchools to life for staff, students, and parents. The photos make it a particularly powerful resource for involving students right at the start! Available only online.

This guide will be posted throughout the year to include new strategies and ideas, so be sure to check it out at!
      Section 1 Foster Leadership and Teamwork       Section 2.1 Reduce Impact on the Environment: Energy Conservation       Section 2.2 Reduce Impact on the Environment: Waste Minimization

      Section 3 Care for and Creat Vibrant School Grounds       Section 4 Improve Student Achievement Through Ecological Literacy       Section 5 Contribute to Healthy, Safe and Caring School Community
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