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Attention Secondary School EcoTeams!

Our planet and society have reached a critical time for action. We are now facing the results and impact of our over exploitation of the Earth's natural resources, as well as pollution and damage to its ecosystems. We are taking more from the Earth than it can provide or regenerate, and creating waste faster than the Earth can absorb it.

Secondary school students across Toronto have fresh ideas, limitless potential, and a deep concern for society and our planet. Given the opportunity, our youth can have great influence over positive and sustainable change in their schools and communities.

The 2019 EcoSchools Youth Leadership Conference is an opportunity to energize your school's EcoTeam team, build stronger leadership skills; explore concepts, ideas, and questions related to sustainability; and find ways to participate in solutions, even when solutions are not obvious or straightforward.

Secondary school students are keen to become EcoSchools agents of change.

This conference draws on existing best practices to help students develop leadership skills, and taps their potential to take a greater role in organizing and implementing the EcoSchools program. This year your students will gain the necessary skills and ideas to implement a special EcoSchools event, suitable for Earth Week or other environmentally focused days.

This one-day conference for secondary school students (grade 9 - 12) held at Downsview Park during the week of November 4th - 8th, 2019, will draw on hands-on activities to develop leadership, energize student teams, and tap into their potential to take a greater role in organizing and implementing an EcoEvent.

In order to develop a customized EcoSchools special event or activity to be held back at their school, during this conference, participating students will:

  • actively participate in environmental learning games,
  • engage in event planning, developing detailed action plans, and
  • practice facilitating selected activities to hone leadership skills.

To maximize the learning at this conference, consider selecting students that are enthusiastic about facilitating activities and games to peers or other students.

Register on Key to Learn.
When: November 4th - 8th , 2019
Application Deadline: October 31, 2019
Where: Downsview Park, Discovery Centre, 70 Canuck Ave North York, ON
Who: 5 students (grades 9 - 12 ), 1 staff per school

What's provided:
- Transportation subsidy of $50.00
- Morning and afternoon light snack
- One staff release per school

Bring: Waste Free Lunch and reusable water bottles

Questions: Contact Jenn Vetter at

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