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Attention Secondary EcoTeams!

Our planet and society have reached a critical time for action. We are now facing the results and impact of our over exploitation of the Earth's natural resources, as well as pollution and damage to its ecosystems. We are taking more from the Earth than it can provide or regenerate, and creating waste faster than the Earth can absorb it.

High school youth across Toronto have fresh ideas, limitless potential, and a deep concern for society and our planet. Given the opportunity, our youth can have great influence over positive and sustainable change in their schools and communities.

The 2018 EcoSchools Youth Leadership Conference is an opportunity to energize your school's EcoTeam team, build stronger leadership skills; explore concepts, ideas, and questions related to sustainability; and find ways to participate in solutions, even when solutions are not obvious or straightforward.

This year's program looks critically at waste issues and behaviour change in waste practices through student-led action. Waste is a growing problem locally and globally and has an enormous impact on social, economic and ecological systems. Schools will have opportunities to target a school or community specific waste issue (e.g., food, electronic, hazardous, landfills, consumption, diversion, pollution etc.) and design innovative action plans that catalyze their exceptional ideas.

Register now on Key to Learn! The conference is open to all TDSB Secondary Schools. We welcome teachers and their student teams - Maximum 5 students, 1 staff member per school. Teacher release is provided for ONE teacher per school. Please note, schools are grouped to facilitate transportation options. If you cannot attend your scheduled day, you are welcome to sign up for an alternative session.

Humber College, North Campus (Schools west of Bayview)

  • Session A: Tuesday, Feb. 13 - LC1 - Wards 2, 6, 8, 11
  • Session B: Wednesday, Feb 14 - LC4 - Wards 3, 7, 9, 10, 14
  • Session C: Thursday, Feb 15 - LC1 & LC2 - Wards 1, 4, 5, 12

University of Toronto, Scarborough (Schools east of Bayview)

  • Session D: Tuesday, Feb. 20 - LC2 & LC3 - Wards 12, 17, 20, 21
  • Session E: Wednesday, Feb 21 - LC1 & LC3 - Wards 13, 19, 22
  • Session F: Thursday, Feb. 22 - LC4 & LC3 - Wards 15, 16, 18
  • Session G: Friday, Feb. 23 - Special Education Classes (all LC's)

Questions: Contact Serita Lawson

Schools are reminded they must register for EcoSchools certification by December 15th to be eligible to apply for the Youth Leadership Conference. Priority will be given to schools that have not attended the conference in the past. School applications will be selected through a randomized lottery process to attend.

Application Timeframe:

Deadline to apply January 31st, 2018
Schools notified of their application status TBD
Youth Leadership Conference dates / Secondary February 2018


Questions: Contact Serita Lawson at

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To enable all students to reach high levels of achievement and well-being
and to acquire the knowledge, skills
and values they need to become responsible, contributing members of
a democratic and sustainable society.
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