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Questions and Answers

What is the TDSB Health Screening App for?

Before coming to school or an administration building each dayall students must conduct an active student health screening self-assessment and all staff must conduct an active adult health screening self-assessment. Then, when they arrive at school, staff must verify that they have done the self-assessment before they can enter the building. The Health Screening App is a tool that can be used to verify the assessment quickly at the door.


How do I access the app?

The app is available two ways:

  1. By visiting (web based)
  2. Downloading the application on to your phone or tablet:
  • Visit the Google Play Store (Android devices) or Apple App Store (iPhones or iPads)
  • Download the Now Mobile app
  • Locate the Now Mobile app on your device and click the icon to launch it
  • Type tdsb in the top field and click Save and Login


What do I need to use the app?

To use the app, you need access to the internet and TDSB student or staff login credentials. 

Please note that parents/guardians are to use their child’s TDSB account information to login to the Health Screening App.


I don’t have my child’s login. What do I do?

Parents/guardians may receive their child’s student account information from their teacher when school begins. You can also access this information by contacting IT Services Support via Student Password / Device Help. If you don’t know your child’s student account information or cannot access it, please feel free to use the Health Screening Paper Pass.


My child doesn’t have a mobile device. Can I still use the app?

Yes. You can still use the app to complete their self-assessment and then, when they arrive at school, they simply give the greeter their name and it will be verified.


How often do I need to use the app?

You have to conduct a self-assessment and record this information through the app or paper pass, every day, prior to coming to school. If you are using the app, your QR code / entry pass is only valid for that same day. You must complete this process every day as your entry pass or QR code will expire at midnight.


Is there another way to confirm verification without using the app?

Yes, you can use the TDSB Health Pass, which is simply a piece of paper that is signed by a parent or student in Grade 9 and up, daily.


I have more than one child. How do I use the app for different children?

Parents/guardians with more than one child attending the Toronto District School Board will have to login individually with each of their child’s student account information and complete the process for each child. Alternatively, the Health Screening Paper Pass is available for all students. 


Can I share my QR Code, i.e. post on social media?

We recommend that students and staff do not share their QR Code as the code contains unique information to the individual student or staff. 

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