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Covid-19 Reporting

Covid-19 Reporting

Each day, TDSB schools submit absence reporting data to the Ministry of Education as well as any school closure information.

On this page, the TDSB will provide more detailed daily absence data to help provide a comprehensive picture of a school community. Any discrepancy in numbers between the TDSB data and the data reported on the Ministry website is related to the time the information is collected each day. 

Absences for both staff and students could be for a variety of reasons (sickness, appointments, weather etc.) and are not necessarily related to COVID-19.  

Following direction from the Ministry of Education, if a school has a student absence rate of 30% or more above the average daily absence rate, the Board will notify Toronto Public Health to discuss the situation and potential strategies to support the school community. It does not immediately mean that a school or class closure is necessary. Parents/guardians will receive information about their school only if required.

In the event of a staff absence, the TDSB has a number of strategies in place, including deploying staff and administrators from elsewhere in the school, to ensure our ability to meet students’ needs and support a safe learning environment. 

While the Ministry no longer requires school boards to report on COVID-19 cases in schools, the TDSB continues to notify the school community when a positive case of COVID-19 (confirmed by either Rapid Antigen Test or PCR test) is self-reported to the school. A TDSB-wide weekly total of COVID-19 cases of both staff and students will also be reported each Tuesday for the preceding week. Together, this will further provide our community a more comprehensive picture of what is happening locally and system-wide.

School closures will continue to be posted on this webpage. There are currently no school closures.

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