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Using Desmos in Secondary Math MHF4U to Reflect on Issues of Racism and Discrimination

Tuesday, May 10, 2022
Categories: Equity

Marieta Angjeli, Math Hybrid Teacher-Coach had opportunities to co-plan and co-teach Grade 12 lessons using Social Media. They created an animation using math that explores responsible use of social media that would be shared with younger students that were just starting to use social media.

Grade 12 students chose to, as part of their math culminating project, reflect on how social media affects privacy, relationships, mental health, education, the world of work, wellbeing, climate action and other global goals. They looked at positive and negative impacts of social media. Using their knowledge of math and technology to create an animated design inspired by their reflections on social media, their messages included creating a positive digital footprint.

Dejeune, says, “The message behind my design is to be more conscious of where the trends that one uses come from. My image also speaks on the hopelessness or discouragement one feels when they feel they can’t share their culture without judgement. My advice to everyone to solve this problem is to pay credit to the cultures you borrow from and also not discriminate or judge those parts of the culture for partaking in it.”

Math And Racism And Discrimination

Alivea says, “My design is about how we can now use social media as a platform for social justice issues. The world is very divided and segregated and this is shown by the barbed wire fence. This shows that he is being excluded and marginalized based on the colour of his skin. The microphone signifies the voice given by social media and the three birds show the evolution from staying silent to finally going free and saying their truth. The letters BLM are there to represent “Black Lives Matter” which is an important movement that began the use of social media to make change in the world.”

Math and BLM