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TDSB to Review School Names to Reflect Toronto’s Diversity

Wednesday, April 28, 2021
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The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) has approved a motion that will lead to a city-wide review of school names to better reflect the diversity of the city.


The TDSB will form a special group that will inform the consultation process for the review of policy P047 and procedure PR592, Naming of Schools and Special Purpose Areas; propose amendments; and provide a proposal for a city-wide review of all TDSB school names. This group will be comprised of students, parents/guardians, educators, community members, appropriate qualified experts and individuals involved in anti-racism work.


This plan aims to improve the naming and renaming process for schools to ensure that school names better represent the diverse people, cultures and history of Toronto, including, but not limited to, Indigenous and Black leaders and the contemporary values of the city.


For more information, please read the approved motion for Renaming Schools Celebrating the Diversity of Toronto.


Quick Facts


  • The Toronto District School Board is the largest and most diverse school board in Canada, comprised of 583 schools.


“It’s important that our schools and programs, including the names of schools, reflect the diverse people and communities that we celebrate at the TDSB. I fully support this plan and look forward to reviewing the proposal.”

- Alexander Brown, Chair, TDSB


“Giving our students and communities a voice that influences and impacts something as significant as the name of the school they attend, offers an invaluable sense of agency as well as builds trust and strengthens school-community relationships. Our role is to listen to ensure that every voice is heard, especially those who have not always been heard, and that every experience is honoured through this process.”
- Karen Falconer, Interim Director of Education, TDSB