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Elementary Virtual School Update

Wednesday, October 7, 2020
Categories: Happenings @ TDSB

Below is the most current information regarding the Elementary Virtual School as of Wednesday, October 7.

Reorganization and Staffing

  • We continue to take action to fill teacher positions on a daily basis. The number of vacancies fluctuates on a daily basis as teachers are assigned to classrooms, teachers leave positions, etc.
  • We currently have more teachers in-school than required due to in-person enrolment and the significant number of students (over 66,000) in Elementary Virtual School.
  • A number of permanent teachers from in-person schools will be moved to the Elementary Virtual School as part of the reorganization process underway.
  • 42 Vice-Principals have been redeployed from in-person school to Virtual School to support students and families as part of the reorganization process. An up-to-date Virtual School administration list will be posted on the website next week.
  • Please see the TDSB website for additional questions and answers regarding elementary reorganization.

Classes with Teachers

  • Many teachers and students are settled into their virtual classrooms and we are hearing many success stories of online student engagement.
  • Changes to classroom teachers, as part of the , will be communicated to families by the Virtual School administration team.

Classes Without Teachers

  • While there has been a shortage of teachers in the Virtual School, we continue to take action to fill teachers positions on a daily basis.
  • As mentioned above, the reorganization of schools and classes will increase the availability of permanent TDSB teachers for the Virtual School and enhance stability.
  • All students currently in Virtual School who have not had a teacher assigned, or who have lost a teacher, will be prioritized to have a teacher with the reorganization.
  • Teachers coming to the Virtual School will participate in training before the transfer and are expected to be on Brightspace during the week of October 13.


French Immersion (FI)/Extended French (EF) Classes

  • English teachers have been assigned to some FI and EF classes as a temporary solution as we continue to recruit French teachers.
  • Existing TDSB French teachers will be transitioning from in-person schools and classrooms to Virtual School as part of the reorganization and are expected to be in place during the week of October 13. These teachers will be assigned to classes that currently do not have a teacher and to those currently with an English teacher.
  • Our goal is for all FI/EF classes to have a French teacher in place as soon as possible.


Asynchronous (Independent) Learning Activities