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Update on Parent/Guardian Survey

Friday, July 24, 2020
Categories: Happenings @ TDSB

Dear Parents/Guardians:

As you know, our intention was to survey parents/guardians as to their choices for registering their child in school for September. The current models on the table are:

  • normal school day routine with enhanced public health protocols;
  • modified school day routine based on smaller class sizes, cohorting and alternative day or week delivery; and
  • at-home learning with ongoing enhanced remote delivery.

We understand now that the Ministry of Education is due to announce next week the model in which schools will re-open. As a result, we feel that you should be surveyed about sending your child back to school once we know this information. We do not think it would be wise to proceed with a survey that includes model(s) for school opening that are no longer under consideration.

Once we have clarity as to how schools will re-open and under what conditions, we will reach out to you to seek your preferences (i.e. register your child to attend a TDSB school or opt-out and choose remote, home learning).

For parents/guardians who have a child that uses transportation services (i.e. buses), we will also be issuing a survey to better understand your intentions on continuing to use this service and under what conditions. This survey will also be on pause until after we have greater clarity of the Ministry’s intentions and directions related to schools re-opening.


Robin Pilkey                                                                 Carlene Jackson
Chair of the Board                                                         Interim Director of Education