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Statement Re: Health & Physical Education Curriculum

Tuesday, July 17, 2018
Categories: News Releases

The Ministry of Education recently announced that beginning in September 2018, the province’s Health and Physical Education curriculum from 1998 will be reintroduced to all schools, replacing the revised curriculum that was implemented nearly three years ago. Following this announcement, we have received questions and heard concerns from parents/guardians, staff, students and the TDSB community. While there has been some indication that topics such as consent, gender, and online safety will continue to be taught, the Ministry of Education has not provided details to school boards. As soon as we receive any information, we intend to bring senior staff and content experts together to discuss implementation and will communicate directly with families, students and staff.

We want to let the TDSB community know that regardless of the Health and Physical Education curriculum, we have a responsibility guided by the Human Rights Code, the Education Act and supported by TDSB policies, to ensure that each and every student, such as LGBTQ students, feels included and reflected in our schools and classrooms. When we know who our students are, we can make informed decisions about how to best teach them in ways that are relevant and engaging. This means that learning about real-world topics relevant to today’s students will continue in the classroom and teachers will be supported to do this. This remains a priority in the TDSB.

Should you have any further questions or concerns about the provincial Health and Physical Education curriculum, please contact your local Member of Provincial Parliament or the Minister of Education to offer feedback and to inquire about how you can offer input for the upcoming consultations on this matter.


Robin Pilkey                                           John Malloy

Chair                                                       Director of Education