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TDSB Celebrates Portuguese-Speaking Heritage Month

Monday, May 31, 2021
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Portuguese-Speaking Heritage Month is proudly recognized during the month of June at the Toronto District School Board for the past 10 years since 2011. The Province of Ontario passed the Celebration of Portuguese Heritage Act in 2001 and this year marks the 20th anniversary of this Act. This year our theme is Esperan├ža! / Hope! 

The contributions of the Portuguese-Speaking Heritage Community to Canada are significant as they include the arts, sports, music, culinary arts, and many professional contributions to educational and medical service areas. Canadians, along with all TDSB students, staff, and its communities and beyond all enjoy the energetic and vibrant traditions that are shared through the customs of this heritage. Over 1,400 TDSB students speak Portuguese as their mother tongue or as a primary language. Internationally, there are 250 million Portuguese-speaking people worldwide, making it the fifth-most spoken language.

We are inviting all TDSB community, students, and staff to join our Portuguese-Speaking Heritage Month virtual launch to celebrate the culture and tradition that this heritage brings.

Join us for an extraordinary hour filled with prominent guests, information and celebration on Thursday, June 10 at 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm live stream. 

Please read this presentation about Portuguese-Speaking Heritage Month.


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