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They Built their First Real Six-String

They Built their First Real Six-String

Wednesday, January 30, 2019
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An innovative new interdisciplinary course has been a smash hit at Yorkdale SS. Two teachers--one music, one wood-working-- joined together to develop and offer a “Guitar-Making” course to a class of students enrolled in the school’s EdVance program last quadmester. Students had an opportunity to handcraft their own guitars from a kit, adding their own creative flair to the design and aesthetic. Once the guitars were made, students learned how to play them. At the conclusion, they get to keep the guitars that they built themselves. 

Principal Eric Dallin provided teachers Jon Goold and Greg Morrell the resources and support to make the project happen. “Attendance in the program was near-perfect,” said Principal Eric Dallin. “The students have been so engaged in every aspect!” The first offering was so successful that the team plans to run the program again to support student achievement and engagement. 

The EdVance program is geared to 18 to 20 year-olds and offers a specialized, intensive, and highly personal quadmestered setting for students who are new to Canada, and those looking for a fresh start or looking to upgrade for post-secondary goals. 


Student playing the guitar  Building the guitar  Adding strings to the guitar