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Classroom Educator Mental Health and Well-Being Resources

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Educator and Student Well-Being Kit


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Staff Well-Being Resources

All staff who work with students play a vital role as caring adults in supporting student mental health and well-being on a daily basis. Educators’ role in promoting student well-being continues, though it may look a little different during remote learning. While we are apart, regular check-ins build connections with students, promote peer relationships and encourage kindness and inclusion. 

Some things to consider:

  • Be mindful of students who may be particularly vulnerable. Take time to connect with them individually in whatever way works, such as a phone call, email or a note to their parent/guardian.
  • Connect students with mental health supports in the Board or community, if you’re concerned.
  • Be gentle, kind, and flexible expectations of kids and families.
  • Try to foster a sense of connection and continuity in relationships.
  • Consider building new routines and traditions in your remote “classroom.”
  • Limit media exposure about the pandemic for students through learning, which may be stressful.

Be compassionate and gentle with yourself. Remember to take care of your own physical and emotional wellness, too. We are grateful for all you are doing.


Access a series of Wellness clips developed by the TDSB Psychology Department on topics such as stress, taking care of yourself, mindfulness, gratitude, changing perspective, social connections, and student engagement, with a focus on staff well-being.

School Mental Health Ontario - resources created by school mental health and education professionals from around the province including the TDSB:

Educator Conversations with Students and Families During Covid-19 School Closures – Some tips on how staff can support students’ and their families during the pandemic. 

Leading a Mentally Healthy School Through the COVID-19 Pandemic – 5 tips for how administrators can make a huge difference in supporting mental health and well-being during the pandemic. 

Everyday Mental Health Classroom Resource (K-8) – easy to implement in person or online activities, practices or games to support good mental health. (many of these activities are transferrable but a secondary version is coming soon).

Notice & Identify – How to help identify when a student may need mental health support

6R Guidance Teacher Resource - an example of an approach that can be used by staff in supporting students seeking help for a problem with their mental health.

Talking with Parents and Families about Mental Health – Tips to consider when planning to talk to parents/caregivers about a student’s mental health.

Connect & Support – How to connect with and support students who are receiving mental health treatment, and how to manage challenging interactions.

Supporting 2SLGBTQ+ Students at the TDSB During COVID-19

Resources to Support Remote Learning

Resources to Support Learning In School

Resources created by youth, for youth to increase help-seeking

Ministry of Education

  • Supporting Minds – An Educators' Guide to Promoting Students’ Mental Health & Well-Being

Family Resources