Toronto District School Board
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Quest Alternative Senior School (GR. 07-08)

Quest Alternative Senior School is a unique educational institution that serves one class of Grade 7s and one class of Grade 8s. Quest was founded in 1983 by two teachers with a dream of creating authentic learning opportunities based on outdoor education and experiential learning. Today, long-standing school traditions mingle with 21st century skills and technological interests like robotics, website creation, 3D printing and digital video editing. We maintain high expectations for our students and ask them to be engaged, active members of our educational community. We task them with taking pride-of-ownership in a two-year program in which they are the most valuable stakeholders.

Phone:(416) 393-9430
Fax:(416) 393-9902
Address:25 Bain Ave, Toronto, ON, M4K 1E5
Principal:Xandi Neville
Vice-Principal(s):Jennifer Gates
Office Staff:Michelle Ormsby
School Council Chair(s):Emma Cheng
Superintendent:Belinda Longe
Learning Network:LN23
Trustee:Sara Ehrhardt
Ward:Ward 15