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Quest Alternative Senior School's Mission Statement

Quest Alternative Senior School is a unique educational institution that serves one class of Grade 7s and one class of Grade 8s. Quest was founded in 1983 by two teachers with a dream of creating authentic learning opportunities based on outdoor education and experiential learning. Today, long-standing school traditions mingle with 21st century skills and technological interests like robotics, website creation, 3D printing and digital video editing. We maintain high expectations for our students and ask them to be engaged, active members of our educational community. We task them with taking pride-of-ownership in a two-year program in which they are the most valuable stakeholders.

Approach to Education

Quest might best be described as a school that believes in a liberal arts approach to education - which is to say that we value academics, the arts, and active living in equal measure. Throughout their two years at Quest, we expect our students to become responsible, interdependent learners and citizens, who demonstrate an appreciation of the strength of positive group membership, and a recognition of their role in the

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Equity and Health and Well-Being

At Quest we are committed to equity where achievement for every student is supported and fostered.  We have an inclusive environment where we embrace and encourage diversity. At the heart of our school is a dedicated and caring staff. Students have many opportunities for leadership and to develop as Global Citizens. 

With a focus on developing differentiated instructional practices, our staff provide opportunities for students to learn in many different and engaging ways. We demonstrate our commitment to our environment and our role in stewardship


At Quest, we provide rich and engaging learning opportunities for all.  We use a gradual release of responsibility approach through a whole language model. Our teachers work collaboratively to provide explicit teaching of reading and writing strategies, and meet regularly to plan units through Inquiry-Based learning.

Our school's literacy plan has been developed based on our analysis of current assessment data as well as professional knowledge on our students' areas of need in literacy.  


We focus on the development of problem-solving skills through the three-part lesson approach. With the emphasis on hands-on activities, as well as making connections between concepts and real-life, students develop organization and expression of mathematical ideas and thinking using appropriate vocabulary, terminology, and conventions in oral, visual and written formats.

At Quest, we provide rich and engaging learning opportunities for all. To this end, our school's numeracy plan has been developed based on our analysis of current assessment data as well as professional knowledge on our students' areas of need in numeracy.  


At Quest, we recognize the challenges students face in making transitions along their pathway of learning.  Our programming provides students with opportunities to explore a wide range of interests to help them meet success in many different ways; music, drama, dance, sports, arts, and technology.  

Additional Features

  • Great students!
  • Great staff!
  • Great parents!
  • Great community!

Student Life - Where You Belong


Students at our school demonstrate collaboration, independent work and initiative.  Life at Quest centers around three core beliefs; our commitment to our environment, our commitment to developing a sense of belonging, and our commitment to providing an opportunity for staff and students to develop a strong sense of community.  


Quest has a long history as an alternative school that provides students with an experiential opportunity to engage in activities based on the Ontario Curriculum.  We provide intensive blocks of time,  so that our students can participate in enrichment activities such as Arts Week, Eco Challenge, and Time Management Week.


- Parent speakers
- Various environmental organizations
- School Community Council with 10 active parent members
- Parent volunteers on field trips and numerous other school initiatives