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Ledbury Park Elementary and Middle School (GR. JK-08)

It's all a part of being at Ledbury!

Ledbury Park Elementary and Middle School is a Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8 school located in an economically diverse, multicultural, multifaith and multilingual community near Bathurst and Lawrence. Our school is recognized for its strong parent-school partnerships. We pride ourselves in providing all students with the knowledge, skills and opportunity to become successful individuals. Ledbury's staff emphasizes a comprehensive academic program with a strong focus on literacy, numeracy as well as student engagement & empowerment. Vibrant co-curricular/after school programs enhance the growth and development of our students. We are constantly improving our incorporation of IT to help our students better prepare for the future.

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Phone:(416) 395-2630
Fax:(416) 395-4470
Address:95 Falkirk St, North York, ON, M5M 4K1
Principal:Penni Rosen
Vice-Principal(s):Ananya Roy
Office Staff:Carol Blachford
School Council Chair(s):Jason Rosen
Rachel Silver
Superintendent:Kimberley Pividor
Learning Network:LN04
Trustee:Shelley Laskin
Ward:Ward 8