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Ledbury Park Elementary and Middle School's Mission Statement

Ledbury Park Elementary and Middle School is a Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8 school located in an economically diverse, multicultural, multifaith and multilingual community near Bathurst and Lawrence. Our school is recognized for its strong parent-school partnerships. We pride ourselves in providing all students with the knowledge, skills and opportunity to become successful individuals. Ledbury's staff emphasizes a comprehensive academic program with a strong focus on literacy, numeracy as well as student engagement & empowerment. Vibrant co-curricular/after school programs enhance the growth and development of our students. We are constantly improving our incorporation of IT to help our students better prepare for the future.

We are a school that strives to become the focal point of our local community. As a school, we constantly focus on forging strong relationships with our community partners as well as our neighbours.  Learning from and interacting with our community members allows our students to be exposed to a wide range of views and experience real world learning opportunities. Our students are also taught to be the kind and caring individuals who understand the importance of giving back to those who have provided for them as well as the need to give to those who are less fortunate.

Life is a Stage/Music for the Soul

Our students are very fortunate to experience/perform in theatrical productions. Throughout the year we hold concerts & a talent show where students can showcase their talents in different genres.   Our students also have the opportunity to participate in poetry slams, public speaking competitions and monthly assemblies.  This year we will be having our 2nd school musical that will have large participation by our grade 6 - 8 students.  Last year's The Wiz had almost the entire staff helping out.  We are exciting this year to showcase Alice. 
We encourage all of our students to get a feel for what it feels like to be in the limelight.

More Information About Ledbury Park Elementary and Middle School

Caring, Safe & Accepting Schools

Our school is known for its school-wide focus on Character Education. Our close partnership with Toronto Police Services continues to allow all of our students as well as our staff and parents to gain familiarity with current and emerging issues such as internet safety. Our Caring, Safe & Accepting Committee meets monthly to pro-actively deal with any emerging issues. 

Our students actively participate in community outreach programs to help build a strong and safe community around Ledbury. Our goal is to create a destination spot where all of our parents, neighbours and business partners feel welcome and appreciated! Our students actively organize & lead a number of initiatives supporting local and global causes.  One of our classes visits Baycrest Centre on a regular basis to spend time with senior residents.
Our School Parliament who represents the school students has cabinet ministers in Grade 7 & 8 with responsibility portfolios - House, Finance, Mental Health & Well-Being, Sport, and the Environment. 

Information Technology to assist student learning

In order to prepare our students for tomorrow's challenges as well as creating more student-led learning opportunities, Ledbury has incorporated the use of interactive whiteboards in all of our classes. Our school & parents are working hard to ensure various tech become available for all of our students.  We have a full class lab & multiple devices for individual use.

Our increasing number of interactive whiteboards, mobile computer labs (iPads, chromebooks & laptops)continues to offer us opportunities to really engage our students in learning. Our staff and parents have partnered to ensure that we maintain our momentum so that all of our students are well prepared for opportunities for them in the 21st century. Building critical thinking skills, research skills and analytical skills are a few areas we have focused on with all of our students. Our school has WIFI in all classrooms allowing our sctudents to incorporate the use of PED's as learning tools as well. E-texts, avaliable to our MS students ensure that they do not have to carry heavy books but rather log on at school/at home.

Tomorrow's Teachers

Ledbury Park is in a very fortunate position to be able to host a number of teacher candidates in our classrooms. Having these additional educators in addition to our regular volunteers provides our kids with exposure to different perspectives and teaching styles. We are also extremely proud to be able to assist our future educators.


Additional Features

  • Thinking Global, Helping Local
  • After 4 & Lunchtime Programs
  • Musical Performances
  • Community Partnerships
  • Overnight Excursions

Student Life - Where You Belong


Ledbury is a school that prides itself on ensuring that our students have real meaningful ways to contribute to school life and call this place their second home. Our front foyer and our cafeteria are open daily for students so that they may play games, study or simply catch up with each other. Our students are responsible for daily announcements, kindergarten helpers, PALs recess helpers, and library helpers. Events such as public speaking contests, spelling bees, debates, science fairs, poetry cafes and our French week are just a few examples of opportunities where our students are able to showcase their talents. The majority of our students are also involved in a number of extra-curricular activities.  Our middle school students will have the opportunity to attend camp or travel to urban destination spots. Student voice is critical and therefore we regularly seek feedback from our students as to how we can improve the school.


What truly sets Ledbury apart from other schools is the very real sense of community one experiences while here. Our caring staff make every effort to get to know all of our students in order to be able to assist and challenge them if required. Our elder students frequently partner with our younger ones to help them learn. Our parents are extremely supportive of all of our students- they are involved in every aspect of school life from organizing after-4 programs to fundraising so that every child could attend a certain co-curricular event to cooking for our students as part of our informal breakfast program. Our students think locally and act globally- typical examples of this would include our students donating to help food banks as well as raising money to help the needy both in Toronto as well as in other countries.  With everyone making a significant contribution to not just school life but also to the life of the community-at-large, it is not difficult to see why Ledbury is a happy and inviting place.


Ledbury is very fortunate to have  a highly active and supportive School Advisory Council. Our caring and involved parents are responsible for organizing a wide variety of events from our After-4 programs to Fundraisers to help support our needy students, technology in the classrooms, our sports teams as well as all aspects of our arts programs. We have a multitude of volunteers assisting on fieldtrips and fundraising activities.  Ledbury has also partnered up with a number of community agencies. Such partnerships have led to ongoing support for our breakfast program; better informed students and parents through presentations by experts as well as additional opportunities for our students through unique excursions/activities. It is our goal to continue to reach out and give back to our community through student outreach.