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Faywood Arts-Based Curriculum School (GR. JK-08)

Arts at the Heart
Faywood Arts-Based Curriculum (ABC) School is a school with a difference. It provides a broad and challenging academic program in the context of  an arts-based curriculum. We believe that arts-related learning experiences make learning more effective and satisfying for children regardless of talent. Our belief is that knowledge of music, dance, drama, and visual arts contribute significantly to the development of truly literate persons. The arts are central to our school's program planning and implementation and wherever possible and practical, the arts are used in teaching and reinforcing skills and concepts in other subjects. In addition, the students benefit from a highly enriched arts program.
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Phone:(416) 395-2390
Fax:(416) 395-2393
Address:95 Faywood Blvd, North York, ON, M3H 2X5
Principal:Katia Robles
Vice-Principal(s):Catherine Tang
Office Staff:Marina Doudoumis
School Council Chair(s):Tanya Knights
Superintendent:Domenic Giorgi
Learning Network:LN12
Trustee:Alexandra Lulka Rotman
Ward:Ward 5