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Faywood Arts-Based Curriculum School's Mission Statement

Faywood Arts-Based Curriculum (ABC) School is a school with a difference. It provides a broad and challenging academic program in the context of  an arts-based curriculum. We believe that arts-related learning experiences make learning more effective and satisfying for children regardless of talent. Our belief is that knowledge of music, dance, drama, and visual arts contribute significantly to the development of truly literate persons. The arts are central to our school's program planning and implementation and wherever possible and practical, the arts are used in teaching and reinforcing skills and concepts in other subjects. In addition, the students benefit from a highly enriched arts program.


Faywood Integrated Arts Philosophy

Integration of the arts with other aspects of the curriculum occurs to varying degrees throughout the school day according to the nature of learning expectations desired and whether clear, logical connections can be identified. There is no attempt to ‘force fit’ arts activities into learning experiences that can be presented more effectively otherwise. Nevertheless, the school’s culture and goals are centred around the value that it attributes to the arts in the general curriculum, the premise that arts-related learning experiences make learning more effective and satisfying for students regardless of talent possessed. 

More Information About Faywood Arts-Based Curriculum School

Parent and Community Engagement

We endeavour to create a positive and inclusive school culture where parent participation is vital and valued. Our school parent council and parent volunteers work closely with school staff to organize events that include fundraisers, pizza lunch, special events, family communication evenings (ASL) and mental health and wellness workshops for families.

Transitions to Secondary School

Faywood works closely with our local secondary schools to ensure a smooth and successful transition for our students. Our Guidance Counsellor works with our grade eight students to visit secondary schools prior to making a final decision for their grade 9 placement.

Arts Partnerships

Creativity and risk-taking are apparent in the wide array of learning experiences provided by the staff and in the quality of arts-related learning outcomes. Teachers draw upon the expertise of each other and utilize professional artists, student teachers and volunteers. Visits to art galleries, museums, live theatre and musical performances permeate the curriculum.

Additional Features

  • Spring Faywood Gallery Night
  • Visits to AGO, TSO, Gardiner Museum
  • Prologue for the Performing Arts
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Artists in Education Program
  • American Sign Language Club
  • Band and Choir
  • Drama Club

Student Life - Where You Belong


Our students have access to a variety of extra curricular activities. They have the opportunity to participate in arts, music, drama, dance and craft clubs as well as programs in social justice and athletics. The wide range of our extra curricular programs will provide something to engage each of our students.


The staff at Faywood attributes the following improved learning expectations to its Arts-Based Curriculum: Better listening skills; improved concentration; creative ability; effective problem solving; improved self-concept; divergent thinking ability; appreciation of and interest in the visual and performing arts; positive attitude towards school and learning; willingness to take intellectual and creative risks; development of skills specific to music, dance, drama and visual art; tolerance for differing opinions and points of view and increased perception and sensitivity


We are fortunate to have active community participation including a large cadre of volunteers who help to provide individual instruction, assist in classrooms and other learning areas, and coordinate special events. Volunteers also assist in the library and with the Book Fair. Faywood ABC hosts a number of Faculty of Education student teachers and co-operative education students from local Toronto District Secondary Schools.  The School Council is actively involved in many aspects of the school's programs. Parents volunteer throughout the school, on class trips and assist in the library. Parents also assist with various creative fundraising events such as the Fun Fair, Hot Dog Day, and Pizza lunches. After-school and lunch programs such as drama and music are supported through the help of volunteers from the School Council and various organizations that run the programs.