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School Ground Improvements

School Ground Improvements

There are many ways to use your existing school ground creatively to support outdoor learning. Once you have explored taking learning outdoors, your school community may decide that the addition of specific features would be beneficial in further supporting learning opportunities outside.

Quick Wins: Temporary and inexpensive solutions to improve outdoor learning opportunities.


Simple Additions: Permanent features to add learning opportunities to your school yard.


Revitalizing School Grounds: Permanent school ground improvements that require Board approval before creating or expanding including:

  • planting trees
  • shrubs or gardens
  • building seating or other structures
  • obtaining new equipment or bringing items on to the school ground

The Board has a process to guide and support schools in making these improvements. The first step in the process requires a review of the project viability with TDSB staff.

Please note these projects are often a major undertaking that can take up to several years and considerable resources to be completed to ensure the long-term sustainability for the future.