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Trustee Anu Sriskandarajah - Ward 22

Welcome to the Ward 22 webpage

Welcome, and thank you for visiting my Ward web page. Whether you are a student, parent or resident, as your elected representative for the TDSB, it is my role to advocate on your behalf. On the TDSB site, and on this page, you can stay informed on what’s happening at the Board, including policies under review, program updates and discussions around new initiatives to improve student success.

On this site, you can also learn more about ways you can get involved and participate in the education process, like attending Board meetings or checking out other volunteer opportunities. Education is a shared responsibility, and I welcome and encourage your participation in our public school system.  

A Message from Trustee Anu Sriskandarajah

As the newly elected Trustee for Ward 22, Scarborough - Rouge Park, I am pleased to share with you and continue the work of the Toronto District School Board’s Multi-Year Strategic Plan.

This plan is focused on, among other things, helping students earn high levels of achievement, reach their full potential and build stronger relationships between parents and their school communities. 

I encourage all parents to be involved in your child’s education and school life. It’s important! There are numerous ways you can get involved, such as taking part in your local school council, volunteering to coach sports or supervising field trips. To explore these opportunities, and others, visit There are also many supports and resources for parents.

TDSB is also interested in knowing what parents think of our schools and the education their child is receiving.

If you have not had a chance to review our 2017 Student and Parent Census Data, I invite you to do so. You will find overwhelming parental support for our public schools, with the vast majority of parents saying that their child enjoys school, and feels welcomed and respected. Students share similar views, especially in our elementary schools.

I want to keep working on the Board’s commitment to higher academic achievement, building relationships between parents, students and schools, and ensuring that our schools are safe, caring and welcoming places to teach and learn. I believe schools in Ward 22 are great placed to be. Let’s work to together to keep it this way.

I am interested in your views and perceptions of about our schools or your child’s education. I encourage you to visit my website from time to time to get useful information to help you navigate the school system or learn about Ward 22 school-community news. You can also access a number of Board and school services for parents at the TDSB’s parent portal including homework tips, school bus transportation, help for new-comers to Canada, mental health help for students and lots more.

Thank you,


Back to School Newsletter

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Click here to view and download the complete newsletter

Welcome Back to School!

Dear Community Members of Scarborough-Rouge Park,

Welcome back to the 2021-2022 school year! I hope everyone had a restful, safe and enjoyable summer. I would like to take a moment to recognize and commend all your efforts in making our previous school year run smoothly as possible considering our current reality. Balancing both work, home life and virtual learning is no easy task! Even if you do not have students in the Board, keeping our schools safe is a collective effort. Minimizing community spread means more chances for our schools to remain open!

Although I am excited about the return to school, I am cautiously optimistic. We are still amid an ongoing pandemic as such I ask our community to continue to practice caution and flexibility. Although we all are desiring more stability and predictability, plans will continue to evolve and conditions can change plans in a moment’s notice, as we have all experienced last year. We ask our parents and community members for patience as we strive for the safest school experience we can provide for our students with the resources we have been given.

Last but not least, a special thank you to our teachers, custodial staff, and other support staff that have worked through these strange times. We are inspired by our teachers, who have demonstrated great flexibility this year, many of whom had to go beyond their comfort zones by transitioning to online learning. You have shown our students the importance of adaptability and resilience in the face of adversity. We hope this year will be less taxing on everyone.

Thank you,
Trustee Anu Sriskandarajah

Parent Concern Protocol

The TDSB is a large organization but we want to help you navigate to ensure that your questions and concerns are addressed by the appropriate person. 

For more information, read the Parent Concern Protocol.

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