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Virtual School Secondary

Secondary Virtual School Contact Information

Phone: 416-393-8240

Timetable Inquiries
If you require assistance of a Guidance Counsellor, please contact your home school Guidance Counsellor who will coordinate with TDSB Virtual Secondary School to support you. Students may also contact their home school guidance counsellor for other questions or concerns (not related to timetables).

Questions related to Special Education, please contact Rhonda DavyAndaluza Nagy or Wendy Roberts.

Addressing Your Questions and Concerns
The TDSB wants to hear your questions and concerns, and makes every effort to address them as quickly as possible. Below is the best way to talk to us, and who you should reach out to and when.

In any situation, your child’s classroom teacher is the first point of contact, followed by the Vice Principal (based on Alpha last name), the school superintendent and Trustee.

Step One - Classroom Teacher
If you have any questions or concerns, the first person to go to is your classroom teacher. The classroom teacher can help with:

  • Any questions about the classroom
  • Classroom rules and consequences
  • Homework and assignments

Step Two – Vice-Principal assigned by student last name and Principal (see Directory below)
If you would like more information or you have questions that are beyond the classroom, the Vice-Principal or Principal can help:

  • Student registration
  • Student schedules
  • Student suspensions
  • Report card concerns
  • Classroom concerns
  • Code of Conduct
  • Safety and security
  • Budget and fundraising
  • Parent Engagement

Step Three – Virtual Secondary School Superintendent
Please contact Diana Panagiotopoulos (437-339-8262), System Superintendent, Virtual Secondary School. They support school staff and can be contacted if you have questions that have not been answered or for help with:

  • Alternate attendance request
  • Suspension appeals

Vice Principal Contact Information  

Last Names

Vice Principal


Zaheer Bhyat


Lascelles Grant


Meredith Tuck

D - E

Michael Hawes

F - G

Al Karim


Anant Sukhram

I - J

Qaiser Ahmad


Christine Lee


Anjali Bajaj


Tino Barkas

N - O

Sima Naymark


Craig Haid

Q - R

Stephen Masson

S: Gd 9/10

Terrol Sinclair

S: Gd 11/12

Kathleen Pyper

T - U

Shawn Robertson

V - W

Marcia McCurdy-Fagan

X - Z

Ross Murray

Principal Contact Information

Centrally Assigned Principal: Peggy Aitchison

Principal: Rhonda Davy

Principal: David Freedman

Principal: Rodrigo Fuentes

Principal: Diane Sharpe

Principal (Special Education): Wendy Roberts  

 Virtual School Updates

Virtual Secondary School Family Newsletter



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