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COVID-19 Vaccines

All youth turning 12 in 2021 and older, are now eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. This will help to ensure even more students have the opportunity to receive the vaccine and ensure strong protection against COVID-19 and the Delta variant as they return to school.

Vaccines are safe, effective and are the best way to protect your child, your family, and your community from COVID-19. Vaccines will help students and families to safely resume normal activities as soon as possible.

Most children with COVID-19 have mild symptoms or none at all. However, some children with COVID-19 can get very sick. Children can also spread COVID-19 to other people. Vaccinating children protects them from getting sick and reduces virus spread within their household and the community.

Vaccinations for Youth Born in 2009 or Earlier

Voluntary Student Vaccination Disclosure

In the event of an interim cohort dismissal related to COVID-19, students who are fully vaccinated are allowed to continue to attend school as long as they have no symptoms. Fully vaccinated staff and students will still have to pass the COVID-19 screening tool each day, confirming they do not have symptoms.

To more effectively manage possible COVID-19 cases and outbreaks in schools, Toronto Public Health is now requesting that Toronto school boards begin collecting the voluntary disclosure of vaccination status by students born in 2009 and earlier. This is intended to minimize disruption to the students and support a more efficient dismissal process.

Please note you can choose to disclose or not disclose – it is entirely voluntary. Those who do not disclose their vaccination status will be considered unvaccinated for the purposes of the dismissal process.

Learn how to update your vaccination status on the TDSB Health Screening App or on the online web portal.


COVID-19 Staff Vaccination Status

The Ministry of Education requires all school board employees in Ontario to disclose their COVID-19 vaccination status. Below, you will find TDSB staff disclosure data as of October 14, 2021. 

Total number of individuals to which the policy will apply: 39,845

Total number and percentage of individuals who have attested to being fully vaccinated: 33,197 or 83%. Of those that have completed the attestation form, 92.6% are fully vaccinated.

Total number and percentage of individuals with approved medical exemptions for not being fully vaccinated: 4 or 0%

The number and percentage of individuals who have not yet submitted an attestation form: 2,967 or 7%

The TDSB continues to contact staff directly to complete the attestation form. It’s thought that many of the those who have not yet completed the form are casual employees who may not have worked for the school board yet this school year. Of note, the TDSB is currently in the process of implementing a Mandatory Vaccine Procedure for staff, trustees and other individuals who have direct contact with staff or students at a TDSB workplace.

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Book a Vaccine Appointment

  • Book an appointment online at the dark blue “Book a Vaccine” button on or by calling the provincial vaccine booking line at 1-833-943-3900 (TTY 1-866-797-0007)
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