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Equinox Holistic Alternative School (GR. JK-08)

Equinox Holistic Alternative School was founded in 2009 and its mission is to "nurture, inspire and educate the Whole Child." It is located outside, on the 1st, and 3rd floors of Roden P.S. and is home to Canada's first outdoor kindergarten program. We have JK to Gr. 8 programs including Special Education Resource and Home School Programs (HSP) and delivered through the principles of Holistic Education of balance, inclusion and connection. We have an active school council along with a student council and staff professional learning communities that provides essential connections with each other and the greater school community.
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Phone:(416) 393-8274
Fax:(416) 393-9553
Address:151 Hiawatha Rd, Toronto, ON, M4L 2Y1
Principal:Ryan Naidoo
Vice-Principal(s):John Clarke
Office Staff:Jodi Armstrong
School Council Chair(s):Vanessa Chudy
Sunny Freeman
Superintendent:Belinda Longe
Learning Network:LN23
Trustee:Sara Ehrhardt
Ward:Ward 15