Toronto District School Board
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Delta Alternative Senior School (GR. 07-08)

Delta is a triangle: Students, Staff and Parents
Delta emphasizes both high academic learning and experiential learning. Our students go on  frequent field trips in the local community as a core part of their learning. We have a unique Contract System that prepares students for secondary school and life beyond.
Delta Senior Alternative School is housed in Montrose Public School. It's located in a multi-cultural area of downtown Toronto. Delta has just celebrated its' 30th anniversary having been established in 1983 by parents and teachers.
Phone:(416) 393-9730
Address:301 Montrose Ave, Toronto, ON, M6G 3G9
Principal:Louise Evans
Office Staff:Aren Ayres
School Council Chair(s):Sanjoy Mitra
Liz Scanlon
Superintendent:Jennifer Chan
Learning Network:LN21
Trustee:Deborah Williams
Ward:Ward 10