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Sir Alexander Mackenzie Senior Public School (GR. 07-08)

Today a Learner, Tomorrow a Leader

Sir Alexander Mackenzie Sr. P.S. (SAM) officially opened on January 20, 1972. Our school name honours a man who demonstrated integrity and perseverance while exploring his way across Canada. Sir Alexander Mackenzie was born in Scotland. He was a fur trader and the first white man to cross North America north of Mexico, charting and exploring huge expanses of Canada. One of the rivers he explored, the Mackenzie River, bears his name. His voyages were published in 1801, he was knighted in 1802 and in 1804, he was elected to the House of Assembly of Lower Canada. SAM is located in Agincourt and has a history of responding to the changing needs of its community. SAM is a dynamic, multicultural school with a host of opportunities for students.

Phone:(416) 396-6570
Fax:(416) 396-3354
Address:33 Heather Rd, Scarborough, ON, M1S 2E2
Principal:Mary Ann Iacobucci
Vice-Principal(s):Simon Craze
Office Staff:Laurie Young
Wanda Stickland
School Council Chair(s):Simone Dublin
Superintendent:Monday Gala
Learning Network:LN14
Trustee:Yalini Rajakulasingam
Ward:Ward 21