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Cosburn Middle School (GR. 06-08)

A Great Place To Be!
Cosburn Middle School, located two blocks west of Coxwell Avenue on Cosburn Avenue, opened in 1949 as a Kindergarten to Grade 8 school. In 1950 it became a junior high school and in 1983, it was reorganized as a middle school.
We are very fortunate to have an outstanding facility, maintained at very high standards by an exemplary Caretaking Staff. Our teachers, support staff, students and community members all contribute to make Cosburn a safe and nurturing environment in which to work and play.
We serve approximately 525 students in Grades 6, 7, and 8 and offer a variety of opportunities for our students to get involved in our school.
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Phone:(416) 396-2335
Fax:(416) 396-2278
Address:520 Cosburn Ave, East York, ON, M4J 2P1
Principal:Hilary Farrell
Vice-Principal(s):Ria Angelo
Julie Snyder
Office Staff:Waltus Damian
Kimberly Carreiro
School Council Chair(s):Christine Reyes Boyer
Tamara Shannon
Superintendent:Nadira Persaud
Learning Network:LN24
Trustee:Sara Ehrhardt
Ward:Ward 15