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Priority Schools Initiative

PSI Funding Notification

The Ministry of Education has reduced the 2018/2019 funding for the Priority Schools Initiative (PSI) program. As a result, PSI can no longer fund any additional permits for this school year. To mitigate the impact on the community, the TDSB will cover the 2019 permit costs for the Summer session only. For 2019 PSI summer permits, apply on eBase.

Priority Schools Initiative (PSI)

Stronger communities are built when people can interact and participate in quality programs such as health, cultural, social, educational and recreational opportunities on a regular basis. However, many communities are challenged by the lack of space to run community programs.

Through the Priority Schools Initiative, many not-for-profit organizations, community groups and resident-led groups gain free access to space to run programs for the community, in the community.

What is PSI?

The Priority Schools Initiative (PSI) is a joint project between the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) and the Ministry of Education aimed at making TDSB school spaces more accessible to the community. Its goal is to improve overall student achievement by providing quality, affordable, after-school programs for students and the local community. With funding provided by the Ontario Ministry of Education, TDSB has opened the doors of 77 schools to provide not-for-profit organizations and community groups, free after-hours access to school facilities in communities that need it most. Many PSI schools have evolved into community hubs offering vibrant and engaging resources for local residents.

Program Focus

PSI is focused on programs such as health and wellness, sports and recreation, leadership and development, arts and culture, counselling, settlement, literacy, social and environment and civic engagement. In order to qualify for PSI space, programs must fall into one of these categories and meet the current needs of the local community.