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READER’S CHOICE 7-12    See what other students are reading

Check back frequently to see what titles TDSB students are reading,and get ideas for
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Scarborough by Catherine Hernandez

"It is a book about exploring life in an outcast community—which remains proud, creative, and resilient despite its economic and social pressures."

Sir Ernest MacMillan Senior Public School

The false prince

The false prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen

"The False Prince is a fiction book about scheming boys and secretive noblemen, perfect for people who love action. The main character is an orphaned theif named Sage, in a fictional country named Carthya. One day, he steals an entire roast and barely avoids punishment by luck. A nobleman, Bevin Conner, sees him and buys him from the orphanage he was living in. Sage struggles as Conner takes him away, so he gets knocked out. By the time he wakes up, he's in a wagon with two other orphans, Tobias and Roden, in front of another orphanage, where Latamer gets onto the wagon as well, and they leave. At night, they arrive in a clearing in the woods where Conner asks them questions about the Carthyan throne and hints that his purpose for getting the orphans might not be legal, and asks whether anyon wishes to leave. Latamer decides to leaves, and as he climbs onto the wagon, Sage spots something in the bushes and calls for Latamer to stop, but he's too late. Latamer's shot and dies immediately. It is revealed that Conner ordered for anyone who wished to leave to be killed. Will Sage survive, or will he get killed by Conner? Read to find out!"

Kennedy Public School

The girls I've been

The girls I've been by Tess Sharpe

"This book is about a girl who's mother is a con artist, and it talks about this girl that is so like her mother, even though she doesn't want anything to do with her. This book symbolises the bond of mother and daughter through the precariously placed sentences of Tess Sharpe."

William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute


Monster by Walter Dean Myers

"TDSB readers should definitely read the book as it is absolutely incredible. It is about mystery and crime, which makes reading it even more suspenseful. Many connections and relations can be made to this book, including real world issues today, like racism. The book is also written like a diary for some parts to express he main character's feelings. Monster focuses on a young black male who is a suspected to be involved in a robbery, but he claims he isn't involved."

Albert Campbell Collegiate Institute


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