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Caretaker Self-Assessment Tool

Caretakers play an important role in supporting the EcoSchools program through their daily practices. As a result some questions in the EcoReviews require their direct input. This tool lists all the self-assessment questions directly related to caretaking practices. Discuss these questions with your caretaker to best assess your school practices in these areas.

Download the Caretaker Self-Assessment Tool.

Section 2: Reduce Impact on the Environment: Energy Conservation

Energy Walkabout (fillable)
Energy Walkabout (hard copy)

Section 3: Reduce Impact on the Environment: Waste Minimization

The Waste Audit Step by Step:

Provincially, the Ministry of the Environment has renewed its requirement for annual school waste audits and waste reduction work plans. This requirement is now part of the EcoSchools certification process. This guide and its accompanying resources provide an overview of how to do a waste audit and complete a waste reduction work plan.

Resources for conducting a waste audit:
Sorting signs for chairs – use binder clips to attach signs to backs of chairs.
Sorting posters for display – post on wall for easy reference during the audit.
Waste Audit Safety Poster – post and review safety guidelines before you begin.
Waste Audit Source Worksheet – use to record your findings during your audit.
        Sort waste and record observations (fillable excel)
Waste Audit Worksheet – record your sorted weights and note any suggestions.
Waste Reduction Work Plan – chart the actions and resources needed to reach your target.

Section 5: Improve Student Achievement through Ecological Literacy

EcoLiteracy Checklist (hard copy)
EcoLiteracy Checklist (fillable word)

Section 6: Contribute to Healthy, Safe and Caring School Communities

Classroom School Travel Survey (Elementary)
Classroom School Travel Survey (Secondary)


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