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Enviromental Education Webinars


February Webinar Series

Artistic Approaches to a ‘Just’ Recovery

Thursday, February 11th, 4-5pm EST

How can art education contribute to a ‘Just’ Recovery from the pandemic? This session, led by OISE art educator Hilary Inwood, explores how taking an activist approach to art-making with students can deepen their thinking about the roles artists play in raising awareness of and taking action on environmental justice. Those who attend will be invited to contribute their own artwork to OISE’s annual environmental installation.

Watch the recording here.

January Webinar Series

Learning about Water as a way into Ecojustice Education

Wednesday, January 20th, 4-5pm EST

What does Ecojustice Education look like in classrooms? Join TDSB teachers Farah Wadia and Velvet Lacasse as they describe their work in raising issues of environmental justice through the study of water with local and global connections.

Watch the recording here.

December Webinar Series:

Taking K-12 Teaching Outside in the Winter

Thursday, December 3rd, 2020

Many teachers are discovering that outdoor learning is a wonderful way to support the health and wellbeing of their students (and themselves) during the pandemic. But how do you continue to take students outside to learn in the cold weather months? Learn from a panel of experienced TDSB outdoor educators as they share teaching strategies and curriculum connections to support outdoor learning in the winter.

Watch the recording here.
Accelerating Climate Change and the TDSB

Wednesday December 9, 2020

The Toronto District School Board has been engaged in climate action for 20 years, during which time it has gradually reduced greenhouse gas emissions from buildings, spearheaded the EcoSchools movement in Canada, and established numerous programs and partnerships to support and expand education for sustainability. While the TDSB has been making steady, incremental improvements, climate change is accelerating at a frightening pace. What can be done? Where do we go from here? Join Richard Christie, the TDSB’s Senior Manager of Sustainability, who will share his reflections on the opportunities, and the challenges for the TDSB and other school boards in these critical years for climate action.

Watch the recording here.

November Webinar Series:

Indigenous Land-Based Teaching & Learning

Thursday, November 12th

Mike Izzo, Site Supervisor with two of the TDSB Outdoor Education Centres, explores Indigenous knowledge and educational pedagogy that assist teachers in the delivery of Indigenous Education experientially in natural settings. There will be a focus on fundamental knowledge such as the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action, as well as strategies for educating youth at a variety of grade levels and in a variety of subject areas on the Land. This event is part of OISE’s Learning Garden webinar series.

The recording of this webinar is private.
Eco-Racism in Environmental Education: The Black Canadian Experience (Part 2)

Tuesday, November 24th, 4-5pm

A panel of black educators will speak about their experiences as environmental educators in a field which has been dominated by white voices since its inception in the 1800s in North America. What can we all do to make Environmental Education more diverse and inclusive? Speakers include TDSB teachers Alison Williams and Rodway Daniels, TDSB Principal Matthew Webbe, and OISE professor Fikile Nxumalo.

Watch the recording here.

October Webinar Series:

Activist Approaches to Educational Gardening

Wednesday, October 14th

This webinar introduces how urban gardening and farming is being used to develop social justice and eco-justice education with children and youth across North America. Learn about the work of activist gardeners Ron Finley, Will Allen and Stephen Ritz, who are working with marginalized students in the US. Hear about similar trends locally from TDSB teachers Dan Kunanec and Ben Gross who are growing activist approaches in the urban farm at Don Mills CI, and Stephanie Ustianov, who cultivates belonging and community in the garden at West Prep PS for primary and middle school students. This event is part of OISE’s Learning Garden webinar series.

Watch the recording here.
Eco-Racism in the Parks: The Black Canadian Experience

Monday, October 26th

Led by Jacqueline Scott, this webinar explores the Black Canadian experience in hiking and outdoor recreation, Outdoor recreation is often a path to conservation, environmental education and activism. Race, space,and shape is welcomed in nature-based activities, whether in local schools, city parks or further afield in national and provincial parks. Jacqueline currently leads Black Outdoors, and as a PhD student at OISE, researches how to make outdoor recreation and environmental discourse more welcoming for Black people.

Watch the recording here.

September Webinar Series:

Taking K-12 Teaching Outside

Thursday, September 10th

Outdoor learning is one way to support the physical health of teachers and students during the pandemic. This webinar features a panel of K-12 TDSB teachers experienced in taking students outside to learn in their schoolyard, local park and neighbourhood. They will share teaching strategies and advice on how they connect the curriculum at their grade level to outdoor learning. CCP David Hawker-Budlovsky will also share the latest news on outdoor education from the TDSB.

Watch the recording here.
How Environmental Education can Contribute to a ‘Just’ Recovery

Tuesday, September 29th

While COVID-19 has taken centre stage as schools re-open, how can educators address the social and environmental inequities that the pandemic has brought to the forefront? Join EcoSchools staff Pam Miller, Jenn Vetter and Chris Metropolis to discuss opportunities to strengthen students' ecoliteracy through an ecojustice lens.

Watch the recording here.

Check out the resources for the "Rooting Around" Tree Tour activity that was in the presentation. Included are PDF resources and help videos to ensure success!

July Webinar Series:

Leadership in Environmental & Sustainability Education

Thursday, July 9th

In this session aimed specifically for TDSB teachers, Dr. Marcia McKenzie will explore aspects of leadership by sharing her own journey and experiences with Environmental and Sustainability Education in Canada. As the Director of The Sustainability and Education Policy Network (SEPN) (based at the University of Saskatchewan, Marcia leads national investigations into how sustainability and climate change education are being enacted in school boards and universities across Canada. She will share some of the findings of SEPN studies focused on K-12 education, as well as her thoughts on developing leadership in EE in this country.

Watch the recording here.
School Grounds of Resilience: Creating Native Plant Gardens

Thursday, July 9th – 3:00 pm

In this illustrated webinar, author Lorraine Johnson explores the particular benefits and challenges of creating native plant gardens on school grounds and offers suggestions of ways to ensure that they thrive. Also included will be examples of the hardiest native species for sun, partial sun, and shady conditions.

This webinar was not recorded.
Touring the Garden with Isaac Crosby

Thursday, July 16th – 3:00 pm

Join Indigenous educator Isaac Crosby (also known as “Brother Nature”) for an online tour of the Evergreen Garden. Learn about Indigenous approaches to gardening, native plants species, maintaining a summer garden.

Watch the recording here.

June Webinar Series:

EcoTeaching and E-Learning - Part 2

Monday, June 1st – 3:00 pm

After two months of leading environmental learning online, what practices have proven to be most promising? Join experienced Ecoschools teachers as they share what they have learned about shifting environmental concepts and practices into e-learning.

Watch the recording here.
Supporting Outdoor Play and Learning in Schools and at Home - Part 1

Thursday, June 4th – 1:00 pm

Play is a right for all children, but how do we encourage and support outdoor play in our schools and at home? Join Outdoor Play and Learning (OPAL) specialist Linda Naccarato to explore why outdoor play is critical, now more than ever, and learn practical tips to support play in any environment.

Watch the recording here.
Sustainable Happiness and Teacher Well-Being

Wednesday, June 10th – 3:00 pm

Your happiness and well-being are interconnected with the well-being of other people and the natural environment; that is the essence of sustainable happiness. Join expert Catherine O’Brien as she leads this online workshop that explores ways to enhance sustainable happiness, personally and professionally.

Watch the recording here.
Supporting Outdoor Play and Learning in Schools and at Home - Part 2

Monday, June 15th – 1:00 pm

Join Outdoor Play and Learning (OPAL) specialist Linda Naccarato for part 2 of this workshop focusing on supporting play opportunities for our students.

Watch the recording here.
E-Celebration for EcoSchools Teachers

Friday, June 19th – 3:00 pm

No one could have predicted the ways in which TDSB EcoSchools teachers would have to rise to the challenge of e-learning this spring! Join fellow teachers and the TDSB EcoSchools central team at this social event as we share stories and celebrate your accomplishments as the year winds down.

Watch the recording here.

May Webinar Series:

Tackling Climate Change in the TDSB

Thursday, May 7th – 1:00 pm

Having students connect to the natural world is key in supporting a generation who will care and be champions in action as we support positive action in these unprecedented times of climate change. Participants will hear from CCP David Hawker-Budlovsky about how the Toronto Outdoor Education Schools (TOES), TDSB’s Outdoor Education department, intends to support these goals and engage in conversation about what other things should be considered? Resources to support families, students and educators will also be shared.

Watch the recording here.
Growing Gardening Online with Children

Tuesday, May 12th – 1:00 pm

Many teachers introduce gardening to their students for the rich opportunities it provides for cross-curricular learning - but how can this be done online? Join gardening educators from Foodshare and Green Thumbs Growing Kids to learn their tips and tricks for encouraging young gardeners with limited access to the outdoors.

Watch the recording here.
Unsettling the Garden: A non-Indigenous Gardener's Reflections

Wednesday, May 20th – 1:00 pm

In this illustrated slide show, writer Lorraine Johnson explores the garden in the context of reconciliation and land sovereignty, looking at the ways gardening is tied to settler-colonialism and the role of native plants in restoration/restitution.

This webinar was not recorded.
Connecting Outdoor Ed to Online Learning

Tuesday, May 26th – 1:00 pm

How has the TDSB’s Outdoor Education team shifted its teaching and learning model in the move to online learning? Join members of the TOES team to learn more about how their new online resources can be used to inspire outdoor learning with students of all ages. Amazing outdoor educators will include Kathleen Scott-Houchen, Monica Nelson, Rachel Wagner and Tal Schacham.

Watch the recording here.
Integrating Learning through Nature Journaling - Part 2

Thursday, May 28th – 1:00 pm

Join OISE art educator Hilary Inwood and TDSB teachers for part 2 of this workshop focusing on nature journaling. Examples of students’ nature journals will be shared, as will techniques for forming journals into creative integrated artworks.

Watch the recording here.

April Webinar Series:

Self-Care and Earth Care Online Workshop

Tuesday, April 7th – 1:00 pm

Feeling like you want to do more to help during this pandemic? Join Pam Miller, Hilary Inwood and other TDSB teachers for a facilitated discussion about the ways that we can ensure our own self-care and help care for all living beings in our communities during this time of crisis.

Watch the recording here.
Eco-Teaching & E-Learning

Thursday, April 16th – 1:00 pm

How can environmental learning be shifted online? Join experienced EcoSchools teachers Rebecca Chahine, Nancy Gillis, Bonnie Mullrooney, Patricia Heibein, Adrienne Rigler and Gigi (Marion) Shanks as they share ideas for shifting environmental concepts and practices into e-learning.

Watch the recording here.
Integrating Learning through Nature Journaling - Part 1

Wednesday, April 22 – 1:00 pm

With the return of spring, getting students learning from and in nature is a common teaching practice; how can this now be done online? Join OISE teacher educator Hilary Inwood to explore nature journaling as a way to connect students of all ages with the natural world while integrating literacy, art, science and social studies.

Watch the recording here.
Taking Math Online and Outside

Monday, April 27th – 1:00 pm

Have you ever heard your students complain that math has nothing to do with ‘real life’? Now that they are spending more time at home, this session will introduce how educators can build more real life math experiences into their online lessons. Pam Miller will draw inspiration from the book Messy Maths to explore how outdoor explorations and found materials can be used to support great math experiences for online and home-based learning.

Watch the recording here.




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