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Portuguese-Speaking Heritage Month at the TDSB - June 2023

Thursday, June 1, 2023
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Portuguese=Speaking Heritage Month is proudly recognized during the month of June at the TDSB and has been since 2011. The Province of Ontario passed the Celebration of Portuguese Heritage Act in 2001.

This year our theme is Alegria / Joy!

The contributions of the Portuguese-speaking community to Canada are significant as they include the arts, sports, music, culinary arts, and many professional contributions to education and medicine. Canadians, along with all TDSB students, staff, and its communities all enjoy the energetic and vibrant traditions that are shared through the customs of the Portuguese-speaking community. Over 1,400 TDSB students speak Portuguese as their mother tongue or as a primary language. Internationally, there are 250 million Portuguese-speaking people worldwide, making it the fifth-most spoken language.

An invitation is being extended to all trustees, students, staff and the larger TDSB community to attend the annual Portuguese Parade taking place on Saturday, June 10th ! This vibrant and colourful parade brings the Portuguese-speaking community together and experience traditional music, dance, and food! All are welcome to join the fun and celebrate Luis de Camoes, poet and writer of Portuguese heritage who is regarded as a national literary icon. All wishing to participate in the parade are asked to meet at 9:30 am on Lansdowne between Bloor and College where we will then proceed to walk towards the parade designated area (see attached flyer for details of route).

Throughout the month of June, various educational opportunities are planned for students and staff to further learn about Portuguese-speaking heritage. Results from the Poster Contest can be found below and Literacy Arts Contest winner is Emma, Grade 5 student from Silverthorn Community School.

On Thursday, June 8 the Portuguese-Speaking Heritage Month committee held a launch event at Silverthorn Community School, click here to view the festivities!

Please follow us on Twitter @TDSB_PSHM.

Emma Paradela Creative Arts SubmissionPortuguese Speaking HM Poster

Portuguese Parade Flyer