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Start-of-Year Forms Can Now Be Completed Online

Thursday, August 29, 2019
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School start up forms can now be completed online! This new model is easy, simple and secure and will help streamline the process of a number of standard forms as well as save paper and resources. 

How does it work?
After your child’s first day of school, an email will automatically be sent to the parent/guardian that is the primary or secondary contact with an email address on file with the school. The email will come from TDSB Online Form ( and will take you to a secure site to complete and submit your child’s forms.

Watch the online tutorial!

What forms can I complete?
The forms available online now, include:

  • Consent Form Package
    • Permission to participate in off-site walking excursions
    • Student media release consent
    • Permission to leave school in severe weather conditions
    • Use of parent/guardian email address
  • Medical Information Form
  • Acknowledgement and Declaration of:
    • Digital Learning Tool Consent
    • Code of Conduct
    • Code of Online Conduct

Am I required to complete an online form?
Completing the form online streamlines the process not only for parents/guardians, it also helps save resources in schools. While you’re not required to complete it online, we hope as many parents/guardians as possible use this opportunity.

I received a paper copy and an online copy. Which one should I complete?
The online copy is preferred.

How safe is it to submit this information online?
The tool TDSB selected for the online forms, Permission Click, has undergone a detailed security assessment by our IT Services staff. TDSB is confident Permission Click is a safe and secure method for completing online forms.

The Toronto District School Board privacy obligations originate from the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA), which permits the Toronto District School Board to collect, use and disclose personal information necessary for the purposes of planning, administering, and delivering its educational programs and services. Under its regulations, MFIPPA requires the Toronto District School Board to ensure that reasonable measures are in place to prevent unauthorized access to the records are defined, documented and put in place, taking into account the nature of the records to be protected.

I have multiple children in the TDSB; will I receive more than one link?
Yes. Please complete a form for each child.

I didn’t receive the link? How do I get it?
Start with your school office to make sure your email address is accurate and active.  Once the email is entered into our student system, the parent/guardian will receive the email the following school day.  


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