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Recipe for Change Features West Hill CI Culinary Students’ Skills

Monday, February 25, 2019
Categories: News Releases, Leadership, Learning and School Improvement

FoodShare is a non-profit organization that works with communities and schools to deliver healthy food and food education so that everyone can have access to quality fresh food that is affordable. The innovative programs impacts what kids eat in school.

FoodShare’s 10th Annual Fundraising Gala, Recipe for Change, was held recently and featured dozens of restaurants, chocolatiers, local wineries and more. This year, FoodShare showcased talented female chefs of colour. The best chefs from around the greater Toronto area served up delicacies with fresh organic ingredients.

Alongside the GTA master chefs were West Hill’s Chef and Culinary teacher Mario Paz and students Taija and Allison. The West Hill culinary students created two types of Tostadas using organic herbs and vegetables freshly picked from the school’s indoor garden towers.

It wasn’t long before Chef/Teacher Mario Paz and student chefs Taija and Allison realized they had a hit as people lined up to taste their delicious Tostadas and then returned for more. They heard comments like ‘wow, these are amazing’, ‘this food is so tasty’, ‘can I have another’, ‘I brought my friend over because I love your Tostadas.

As the only secondary school invited to participate in this great event, Taija and Allison were proud to take part in such a worthy cause and feel good to know that the funds raised at Recipe for Change will go to support over 250,000 Torontonians.

FoodShare’s Executive Director Paul Taylor was so thrilled about the excitement generated at West Hill’s table, that he came over to meet the young chefs and pose for a photo.

Mario Paz and students Allison and Taija prepare their Tostatas at the 10th annual FoodShare Gala.      West Hill CI prepared for the FoodShare Gala, Recipe for Change, went quickly!

Allison, Taija and Mr Paz plating the Tastadas at the FoodShare Gala.     Allison and Taija posing with the entertainment of the evening

Taija, Allison, Mr. Paz Mejia with Paul Taylor Executive Director of FoodShare     Taija and Allison, Culinary students at WHCI, celebrating the end of a very busy evening with freshly squeezed organic juice