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TDSB Graduation Rate Increases to All-Time High

Friday, May 11, 2018
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The Toronto District School Board’s most recent graduation rate has increased to an all-time high of 86%, representing an overall increase of 17% since 2000 when the TDSB began tracking rates.

The Board is committed to providing all students with the supports, programs and conditions required to succeed. The graduation rate for the 2012-2017 cohort of students indicates that students are graduating at a rate higher than ever before.

Quick Facts

  • Since the TDSB began tracking graduation rates in 2000, there has been an overall increase of 17% (69% to 86%).
  • The 86% graduation rate is for the 2012-2017 cohort of students. To study graduation rates, the TDSB follows a group of Grade 9 students over five years.
  • By providing targeted supports for at-risk students, re-engaging early school leavers, expanding partnership opportunities with college, university, government and community agencies, the TDSB is able to connect students with the right programs and supports to help students graduate from high school.
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“The TDSB’s graduation rate illustrates that when the appropriate conditions for learning are created and the right tools and supports are provided, students can and will succeed.”
- Robin Pilkey, Chair, TDSB

“At the TDSB we are committed to improving student achievement and well-being for each and every student and continuously raising expectations in every classroom. We are making progress and are extremely proud that the graduation rate is at an all-time high.”
- John Malloy, Director, TDSB