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Leslieville Junior Public School (GR. JK-06)

Health and Safety (H&S) workplace inspections are conducted every month in all of our 582 operating schools. Below you can find the H&S reports for your school, for the 2021-2022 school years.  More information and Frequently Asked Questions

Date InspectedLocation in SchoolHealth & Safety Issue ObservedClassAction Taken ByDate Action TakenDetails
09/17/21302extension cord/power bar - inappropriate use of extension cord/power bar (be specific)BPrincipal10/01/21Details
09/17/21Electrical Room 1st flhousekeeping, clutter, dust or dirtAPrincipal10/01/21Details
09/17/21mechanical roomlighting in need of repair (maintenance issue)APrincipal10/01/21Details
09/17/21Academic Room Storagetrip hazard (i.e. flooring, other materials)APrincipal10/01/21Details
11/25/21308extension cord/power bar - inappropriate use of extension cord/power bar (be specific)BPrincipal12/09/21Details
11/25/21Health & Safety Bulletin Board In Copier RoomHealth & Safety bulletin board - required items are missing or outdated (be specific)BPrincipal12/09/21Details
11/25/21306ceiling damaged (specify)APrincipal12/09/21Details
11/25/21boiler roomventilation (specify)APrincipal12/09/21Details
11/25/21fan room 2nd floordoor/access door (specify)APrincipal12/09/21Details
12/09/21Mech Room 3rd flexposed wiring/damaged cord/ground pin missingAPrincipal12/09/21Details
12/09/21boiler roompanel (specify)APrincipal12/09/21Details
12/09/21fan roomexposed wiring/damaged cord/ground pin missingAPrincipal12/09/21Details
01/05/22110trip hazard (i.e. flooring, other materials)APrincipal01/05/22Details
01/05/22boiler roomdoor/access door (specify)APrincipal01/05/22Details
02/15/22staffroomWorkplace Inspection Report posted?BPrincipal02/28/22Details
04/19/22106 and 107ceiling damaged (specify)APrincipal04/19/22Details
04/19/22Photo Copy RoomNames and Locations of Certified First Aiders on site posted?BPrincipal04/19/22Details
04/19/22Fan Room Doordoor/access door (specify)APrincipal04/19/22Details
05/26/22caretakers lunchroomexposed wiring/damaged cord/ground pin missingAPrincipal05/26/22Details
05/26/22boiler roompanel (specify)APrincipal05/26/22Details
05/26/22102exposed wiring/damaged cord/ground pin missingAPrincipal05/26/22Details
06/08/22205ceiling tiles missing/looseA  Details
06/08/22203ceiling tiles missing/looseA  Details
06/08/22202ceiling tiles missing/looseA  Details
06/08/22201ceiling tiles missing/looseA  Details
06/08/22boiler roomdoor/access door (specify)A  Details
06/08/22Mech Room 2nd flinappropriate storage of materials/furniture/shelving, or clutterB  Details
06/08/22205trip hazard (i.e. flooring, other materials)A  Details
06/08/22Mech Room 3rd flinappropriate storage of materials/furniture/shelving, or clutterB  Details