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TDSB Recognizes Children’s Mental Health Week

Friday, May 3, 2019
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This week, the TDSB recognizes Children’s Mental Health Week. Encouraging, noticing and highlighting caring and kind interactions in our schools is the focus this week at the TDSB. The sense of caring for others and being cared for is one of the most powerful protective factors for mental health and well-being. Providing a caring, inclusive school climate improves academic achievement and resiliency.

Every interaction with a student is important. Having every student believe they matter is vital and part of creating a caring school community.

To encourage this work, the TDSB kicked off the Good Egg campaign, designed to promote and acknowledge kind and caring students and actions. A good egg is a person who is good to others. Schools ordered good egg bookmarks and gave two to students who they recognized being kind or caring. The student was then encouraged to pay it forward and recognize someone they notice being kind or caring.

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Image of bookmark with smiling blue egg and explanation of what a good egg is