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Rockcliffe Middle School (GR. 06-08)

Work Hard, Be Nice, Prepare for College/University Success

Rockcliffe Middle School offers Grade 6, 7 and 8 students an excellent academic, arts, technology and athletic program. Each day, we focus on ensuring students are working hard , being kind and preparing themselves for College and University success. Our dedicated staff encourages students to be successful and to reach their full potential by maximizing class time. The goal of Rockcliffe Middle School is to authentically engage all students by instilling confidence, broadening horizons and mentoring students to develop habits which lead to success.  Rockcliffe Middle School is a place where students and staff are kind, supportive and focused on learning.

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This school was involved in a Pupil Accommodation Review. View the latest information shared with the community or visit our review page for further information.



Laura Stoikos

School Council Chair(s):
Gladys Gomez
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