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Video of the 2016-2017 TDSSAA athletic year. For photos, visit the Photo Gallery.

This past year, thousands of student athletes had the opportunity to pursue excellence in education through participation in interschool sports competition thanks to you, the Toronto District Secondary Schools Athletic Association (TDSSAA).

During practices and games, our student athletes have missed shots on goal/net, fallen onto the grass/gym floor/turf, hit the ball out of bounds, into the net, and proceeded to put their heads down as a sign of defeat.  As coaches, teachers and mentors, this is the time where we made differences in students’ lives and positively transformed them into young confident adults.  Perseverance, the pursuit of excellence, and reaching personal and team goals, is not measurable on the game sheet, but is reflected throughout the lives of the individuals who we work with.

“A Coach’s success is measured not by the number of wins produced, but by the number of winners produced”


The pursuit of a student’s lifelong enjoyment of physical activity falls on our shoulders as teachers, coaches and mentors.  The results of the game are irrelevant compared to the positive memories and more importantly, the behaviours that are embraced throughout a lifetime.  Respect for oneself, teammate, opponent, and officials, are the characteristics, qualities and behaviours that lead to success in life.

As an individual athlete or as a team player, TDSSAA creates a forum for working towards a common goal. In ‘real life,’ an objective is often interpreted differently depending on a person’s own skills, but on the field of play, athletics is its own language and culture. This can mean that while team members work hard individually, they pull in different directions. Agreeing on a unified mission and making decisions as a team will increase the chances of achieving ambitions and goals – preparing students once again for “life”.

Thank you to the District and Regional Executives for the additional hours of planning, monitoring, and maintaining our mission to provide opportunities for the students of the TDSB to pursue excellence in education through participation in interschool sports.  To our convenors, thank you for the countless hours of scheduling, re-scheduling, posting scores and for your pride ensuring that quality leagues run for our students.  

Thank you for making the TDSSAA the most effective student success program around.

Have a healthy and restful summer! 

A summery collage of the 2016-2017 TDSSAA athletic year. Photo credits to Alyssa McCulloch, TDSB Athletic Support Co-op, created on June 28, 2017. For more photos, visit the Photo Gallery.

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