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Alpine Skiing 2016-2017

A skiier passes her first gate in the Giant Slalom event at the TDSSAA City Championships.Qualifying students participated in the TDSSAA City Championships on February 15th at Mount St. Louis Moonstone. To see more photos from recent events, visit the Photo Gallery

Alpine Skiing

Alpine Skiing is open to all skiers, from experienced (club) racers to those who have never raced before. Level 1 racers are high school trained racers who have not raced beyond the age of 11 (the U12 program). Level 2 racers are club trained racers who have raced at the U14 or higher level. All racers compete in the Giant Slalom and Slalom events.

The Winter 2017 seasons has come to an end. Thank you to the teams, coaches, volunteers and all who make the Skiing season so successful. We hope to see more familiar faces out on the slopes next year! 

City Championship 2017

This year's City Championship was held on February 15th at Mount St. Louis/Moonstone. Check out the right panel on this page for the event results! 

OFSAA Championships 2017

OFSAA was held at Blue Mountain on February 27-28 for the 2017 Championships. 

Here are all four schools that qualified for OFSAA. Congratulations to all competitors and another amazing season of skiing! To find out more about the event, visit the OFSAA website.

Congratulations to OFSAA Champions: Kasha Mansour (LPCI - GS, open division) and the North Toronto Boys (GS, open division).

Alpine Skiing Results

Giant Slalom - January 19th
@ MSL/Moonstone

Race Results - J19-2017- F1 GS.pdf

Race Results - J19-2017- F2 GS.pdf

Race Results - J19-2017- M2 GS.pdf

Slalom/Giant Slalom - February 9th
@ MSL/Moonstone

TDSSAA Race Results - F1 SL.pdf

TDSSAA Race Results - F2 SL.pdf

TDSSAA Race - summary of results.pdf

City Finals - February 15th
@ MSL/Moonstone

TDSSAA City Championships - Results - F1 GS.pdf

TDSSAA City Championships - Results - F1 SL.pdf

TDSSAA City Championships - Results - F2 GS.pdf

Slalom - Feb 27th 

under partially sunny skies and +4 degrees weather, here are the team placings and top 10 finishes:

- High School (level 1) Girls - Northern SS 4th, Erin Quinn 3rd

- High School (level 1) Boys - Lawrence Park CI 3rd, Alex Butt 2nd

- Open (level 2) Girls - Lawrence Park 4th, Kasha Mansour 10th

- Open (level 2) Boys - North Toronto CI 3rd, Jake Ballantyne 7th, Eric De Lange 9th, Patrick Sparks (LPCI) 10th

Giant Slalom - Feb 28th

under threatening skies and +8 degrees weather, the racers battled the slush...

- High School (level 1) Girls - Northern SS 6th, Erin Quinn 9th

- High School (level 1) Boys - Ben Evans (LPCI) 14th

- Open (level 2) Girls - Lawrence Park 2nd, Kasha Mansour 1st, Lauren Hogg 6th, MacKenzie Bier (LHS) 9th

- Open (level 2) Boys - North Toronto CI 1st, Callum McCormack 8th, Eric De Lange 11th

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