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Access and Secondary Program Review - Integrated Equity Framework Action Plan


The TDSB is committed to providing programs through a process that understands the central role of student voice in creating equity, inclusion and enhanced learning cultures. Through Program Priorities as approved in the Long-Term Program and Accommodation Strategy, we will continue to support all students to graduate successfully with a diploma or certificate of school completion and continue along their chosen post-secondary pathway. The Secondary Program Review will actively engage students in re-envisioning our secondary schools. 

Equity Goals:

Through the Secondary Program Review process, we will: 

  • increase equity of access and opportunity for all students in all schools leading to improved outcomes. Provide students and families with more choice within their home school as identified through collaboration
  • expand areas of emphasis for students interested in specialized learning  
  • engage student participation throughout the review process and reflect student voice in programming decisions

Action Plan:

Actions Year One (2016-2017)
  • Begin extensive consultation with students system-wide (e.g., through Student Trustees and Student Supercouncil; Student Equity Program Advisors, etc.) to inform secondary program visioning, strategy and planning.
  • Conduct an environmental scan of all existing secondary school programs across the system to confirm current program availability, and to identify future programs and corresponding facility requirements.
  • Implications for Staff: Staff leadership and participation will be critical in these consultation processes. Staff at the school level will be supported in effectively activating and utilizing student voice.
Actions Year Two (2017-2018)
  • Continue infusing student voice into the review process by creating meaningful opportunities for students in each school to provide input regarding the unique learning culture, and program offerings and options within their own school community (e.g., through the Student Census). 
  • Identify program drivers based on data from Year 1 and begin to categorize secondary school programs (i.e., offered in a few schools; offered in some schools; and offered to all students in all schools) in order to build prototypes of schools that will increase full access for students, thus ensuring equity of opportunity.   
  • Collaborate with Facilities to assess classroom conditions that will impact programs involving Experiential Learning.    
  • Continue to involve all stakeholders in consultation regarding the secondary program strategy.  Seek input from students, staff, parents and community members to provide insight into the Secondary Program Strategy and accommodation.  
Actions Year Three (2018-2019)
  • Continue to facilitate discussion and consultation aligned with the Long-Term Program and Accommodation Strategy 2016-2025.
  • Implement the Secondary Program Strategy through the Accommodation Review process.

Student Voice Consultation - Evening Session

We want to engage students in re-envisioning our secondary schools! 

Please join the conversation on Thursday, May 18 at 6 p.m. for an online student voice consultation session.

Join the Session (on May 18)


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