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Solar Schools Project

The Solar Schools Project is an exciting initiative that will see solar panels installed on the roofs of 311 TDSB schools starting in the spring of 2014. As one of the greenest school boards in Canada, we’re proud that this project will generate energy equivalent to the amount used annually by approximately 4,250 households in Toronto.

Along with our partner School Top Solar Limited Partnership, we received 311 contracts from the Ontario Power Authority as part of the provincial government’s Feed-In-Tariff program. 

School Roof Replacement and Repairs

The revenue generated from the solar panel installation will be used to fund school rooftop repairs and replacements. Over the course of the project, approximately 4.3 million square feet of school roofs will be repaired or replaced.

Repair and/or replacement work on the roofs of the following schools began in fall 2013: 

  • Albert Campbell CI
  • Bennington Heights MS
  • Brian PS
  • Brockton Learning Center
  • Cedarbrae CI
  • Claireville JS
  • Corvette JPS
  • Danforth Collegiate & Technical School
  • Daystrom PS
  • Dunlace PS
  • East York CI
  • Elmlea JS
  • Etienne Brule JS
  • Fairmount JPS
  • Hodgson MS
  • J R Wilcox CS
  • John Ross Robertson JPS
  • Kipling CI
  • L'Amoreaux CI
  • Maple Leaf PS
  • Oakdale Park MS
  • Oakwood CI
  • Ossington Old Orchard PS
  • Pleasant PS
  • Rosedale Heights School of the Arts
  • Sir Oliver Mowat CI
  • Sir Wilfred Laurier CI
  • The Elms JMS
  • Victoria Park CI
  • Wedgewood JS
  • Westview Centennial SS
  • West Education Office (Civic Centre Court)

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